Real Life Self-Defense Reviews

Real Life Self-Defense Reviews [2021] – Does Mike Gillette’s Real Life Self-Defense Program really work? How effective is it? Is it legit or a scam? Read to find out how it works, price, bonus, discount & customer reviews.

Real Life Self-Defense Reviews

Most people think only of the simplest moves when it comes to self-defense for women. Women can defend themselves. If you’re looking to defend yourself against a woman you need to consider some Real Life Self-Defense Reviews other factors. 

First, women are more likely to be injured than Real Life Self-Defense Training men because they have more fragile bones. This is especially true for women who are pregnant or nursing. How can you plan self-defense for women? Blocking is the first and most important step. 

You can use your head and prevent an attack from occurring, which is Real Life Self-Defense Review something many women don’t know. You can use your brain to stop an attack from happening before it starts.

Real Life Self-Defense Reviews – An Overview

When self-defense is being used, women tend to be slow while moving. Although they may seem more scared, they may not be aware of what is happening. Women should slow down and use good form to counter the slow motion. Also, women should use their hands to avoid being hit.

Women can also use their bodies against their attackers as a great way to defend themselves. Although women may be horrified at the thought of attacking another Real Life Self-Defense Training Courseman, it is actually easier for women to defend the Real Life Self-Defense Program against men.

Women can defend themselves against men by simply turning around and slapping them with their open hands. They can also stomp on her foot and make loud noises to distract him. Women can attack men with their bodies, and men should respect this.

Women should also be careful not to lose their footing. Moving around is the best way to defeat a bigger, more powerful man. Keep your Real Life Self-Defense Guide movements controlled and slow. 

Real Life Self-Defense Reviews – Is This Program Really Effective?

Keep your attacks under control, and think about the next few seconds before reacting. You will avoid being hit more often if your balance is maintained and your feet are moving.

Women can defend themselves with their breasts just as well using their legs. It is best for a woman to have a boyfriend or someone willing to help her.

This strategy is usually not a good idea because men aren’t likely to want to help a woman trying to defend her body. If a woman is on her own or with someone else, her body can be used to defend herself. These basic self-defense techniques for women can help you escape an Best Real Life Self-Defense  attacker.

The eye strike is the last of these basic self-defense moves for women that I will be discussing. Eye strikes are more common in women than they are for men. It is important to Real Life Self-Defense Shooting ensure that your eyes are focused on you while you fight. 

This is a tricky task because most people don’t pay enough attention to their eyes while fighting. This can lead to them being easily caught unawares and knocked off their balance.

Real Life Self-Defense Reviews – What Will You Learn From This eBook?

There are many self-defense moves available for women, as you can see. You should learn one of these moves if you don’t Real Life Self-Defense System know it. You can find a lot of videos and books that will help you learn the basics. You don’t need to rely on another person’s guidebook. You can learn all by yourself!

Do you know that self-defense can be a great way to stay safe? It is actually a requirement that you have a self-defense product in order to protect yourself and your family. In many states, this training can be done online. You have the right to one free personal safety course per year. Why wait? You can save your life by learning self-defense!

Real Life Self-Defense eBook

Many people find themselves in Real Life Self-Defense Scam in dangerous situations and are not prepared for it. Some have been victims of criminal elements who feel no remorse for robbing their personal freedom and security.

You or someone you love should seek out a self-defense trainer immediately if this happens. They are well-trained to help you save your life in these situations.

A self-defense technique could be a great benefit to many people. If you have had a bad experience with a friend and they start to be aggressive towards you, it’s a good idea for you to learn self-defense techniques.

If Real Life Self-Defense Legit someone begins to Real Life Self-Defense Cases touch you inappropriately or places you in a situation where you cannot protect yourself, you should learn self-defense techniques that will help you win. This is especially true if the attacker is male and you are a female.

Real Life Self-Defense Reviews – How Does it Work for You?

Many assume that because they’re Real Life Self-Defense Customer Reviews males, they don’t need self-defense training.

It is impossible to be more wrong! While most men are strong enough to take on a dangerous attacker without hesitation, not all of them are.

While it is important to teach daughters how they can defend themselves, this is not always possible. What can you do instead?

Spending time with a female friend is a great thing. You can also discuss self-defense techniques together. You might also consider hiring a female teacher if you are not able to get along with your female friend. 

A self-defense seminar can be a great idea. These seminars are typically for men but can sometimes be offered for women.

You will notice when your temper Real Life Self-Defense Bonus gets out of control as you become more self-aware. Although it may seem absurd, it is possible to lose control of situations. This will help you to relax and be more in control. This will help you avoid getting in trouble.

Real Life Self-Defense Reviews – The Pros & Cons


  • You will gain confidence as you age. This is great! You will become more confident and be able to defend yourself in the future. To learn self-defense, you must be confident. Confidence is not possible if you don’t feel confident.
  • You can learn self-defense skills by taking self-defense classes. You’ll also learn how best to defend yourself in court. It is Real Life Self-Defense Discount up to you to decide whether or not your self-defense skills should be used.
  • You don’t have to worry if you put them to the test. You can lose your case at the court of justice, which will save you a lot of money in legal fees.
  • Kerry L. Johnson’s DVD, The Importance Non-Lethal Self Defence, lists and explains many reasons why people should learn self-defense classes.
  • We are beginning to feel like we might not be able to protect Real Life Self-Defense Does it Work ourselves or prevent attacks on the United States.


  • The statistics get more alarming each year. Statistics show that there are more sexual assaults against women than men and that women are more likely victims.
  • The worst part is that these assaults can happen to anyone who is not in immediate danger but has been the victim of these attacks due to taking self-defense classes.
  • However, the Obama administration’s budget proposal shows that the United States government is working to Real Life Self-Defense eBook reverse this trend.

Real Life Self-Defense Reviews – Is it Legit or Scam?

The United States of America remains the strongest country in the globe, but we need more people to protect us. What security do we have if we don’t have it the best? Most criminals don’t care about your nationality or race. They just want your money and your property. Self-defense is something you should learn if your culture or nationality is not relevant.

The first thing to remember when learning self-defense is to stop an attacker. It is not easy to stop an attacker. They will attempt to Real Life Self-Defense Price attack from behind or at a distance. It is best to knock them down to the ground so they can’t escape.

Keep your distance from attackers so that the police can arrive. The best way to keep an attacker at bay is to be six inches from them, with something between your feet. You will be hit or pulled by them, so it is important to stand your ground.

Where & How to Download the Real Life Self-Defense PDF?

Protecting yourself Real Life Self-Defense by Mike Gillette from pain is another Real Life Self-Defense Cost important skill. Kicking the attacker in the groin is one of the best ways to defend yourself. Although it may seem like the easiest way of protecting yourself, it can be one of the most difficult. 

Kicking someone in their groin will only make them angry and it can Real Life Self-Defense Official Website be difficult to recover from. If done correctly and the other person is strong enough to block or throw a kick, it will be a no-brainer for the attacker to leave.

Unarmed, there are many ways you can defend yourself. But, it is important to know the best one. A stun gun is the best way to Real Life Self-Defense Buy Online defend yourself against an attacker. You won’t be hurt by a stun gun and you won’t suffer permanent injuries.

Real Life Self-Defense Customer Reviews – Is it Worth Buying?

If the attacker is strong or large, however, you could be in serious trouble. These self-defense devices can be used to temporarily stop an attacker.

Personal alarms can be useful weapons. A personal alarm can prove very useful in self-defense situations. Your personal alarm will likely scare away an armed criminal looking to fight. 

You can use your Real Life Self-Defense DVD personal alarm to stop your attacker from fighting again. These devices are also affordable. These self-defense devices are affordable for many people.

Another item you might want to use is pepper spray. Although they aren’t considered a deadly weapon, pepper sprays can still pose danger if used improperly. Don’t inhale the pepper spray.

Real Life Self-Defense Reviews – Conclusion

Remember to direct it at your face. It is best to not aim too high as this can lead to many missed shots. You should use a sprayer that Real Life Self-Defense Refund Policy is easy to reach and does not require special handling.

Real Life Self-Defense is an effective program designed specifically to help men and women of ANY age or ability defend themselves so they can stay safe and get home. You should also be aware of the size of Real Life Self-Defense Members Area your weapon. You shouldn’t have anything too large or too small. It should not be too accessible. 

It is possible that your attacker will use a lighter or smaller weapon to get away with it, or that it might not be effective against heavier weapons. Keep these things in your mind to protect yourself, your family, and your friends from harm.