Teepa Snow Online Dementia Training: July 31, 2019

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Teepa Snow Online Dementia Training at Curis Thomasville Nursing & RehabilitationTeepa Snow is a leading trainer and consultant providing support and care that places the person living with dementia in a pivotal role when determining what is needed. Her goal is to help communities, agencies, organizations, professionals, families and individuals develop the awareness, knowledge and skills needed to better support and care for someone living with the brain changes of dementia. She is the owner and CEO of Positive Approach, LLC with over 40 employees and independent contractors across the US and Canada.

Her approach to dementia care and training is changing how many view neurodegenerative conditions and dementia, and how care is delivered throughout the US, Canada, Wales, and across the UK and Europe. As an occupational therapist with forty years of clinical practice, she has founded a company and an approach to support and engage people experiencing changes in brain function.

Teepa Snow created the GEMS® States model for appreciating and supporting people as they progress through the brain changes of dementia. The GEMS® model likens people to gemstones and focuses on supporting and fostering retained abilities by providing environmental and interaction cues. This allows us to match the needs, and provide necessary support, so that people can live well from the first symptoms until the end of life.


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